At a crossroads for climate sustainability, its time to focus on solutions, not problems.

Afforest images is a project with two simple goals; to share the beauty of the natural world & to finance reforestation and rewilding projects with the profits of print sales.

20% will be donated to Trees For Life Scotland, supporting their goals of restoring the Caledonian Forest.  

TFL have planted almost 2 million trees since 1989 and continue at 60,000 trees a year. 

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Why Trees for Life?

- During a tipping point in the climate emergency, reforestation projects help remove Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

- Wildfire mitigation - with an increase in Scottish wildfires in recent years, these projects help suppress wildfires and speed up recovery.

- Habitat restoration

- Soil & water table positives; flood prevention as well as mitigation of drought and desertification.

- Preservation of native trees - creating vital ecosystem diversity which other reforestation charities can overlook

All images copyrighted by George Treble/Treble Edit 2019